What the holomultiverses are.

I have been able to astral project since birth and some times, I project involuntarily to other worlds. Some are variations of this world. Some are completely alien worlds. This blog is an account of some of the worlds I have found myself in and logged their descriptions.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Our History

The dream or visit started with me in a library reading stories to some children. They started with some African stories for children and when my guide or helper appeared I commented that these stories were so good at building character that they should be available to all children.
He offered to take me on a trip along with a gentleman that is often mistaken for an Orisha. Actually, he could pulverize an Orisha. He is a black Djin, a fire elemental and can pretty much anything he wants. In other words, don't mess with him and never, ever ask for a favor or accept one.
So off we went to South America. I saw pyramids that are still covered by the jungle and some that always were. In explanation, the pyramids were designed to grow large crops and the crops sort of took them over. There were whole cities like this with wide boulevards, and small stone buildings for homes. It was amazingly beautiful and inhabited by colourful birds and animals.
Then we were off to Egypt and the very scale of the ruins was staggering. Finally I had to ask what the purpose of these gigantic structures were and they both answered they were entrances. “To what?”, I asked thinking I was going to get a star gate type of an answer but instead, they just said cities. “Cities, there are no cities,” I protested. Then the Djin looked me in the eye which is disturbing enough as his eyes are blacker than his skin and that is the darkest blue/purple black I have ever seen, “You do know this was once a jungle?” I faintly remembered something from archaeology class hinting at that back before what was supposed to be the advent of man the whole planet was a jungle.
Maybe....um...sort of,” I answered.
Let us show you,” and we were off to India and Africa.
I saw huge cities carved out of mountains and carved straight down into the ground. Most are well known tourist sites. I couldn't help but ask how they did it. I mean how do you know excavating a building from the top down you aren't going to hit pure sand, a cavern or something incapable of supporting the structure you have already built.
Because,” the Djin answered, “You are building them from the bottom up.”
Huh?”............”You'd have to be way underground to start with!”
And then we were flying over deepest jungles in Africa and below I saw a hole in the earth. We descended into the hole and I found myself in the most beautifully carved out of stone city you have ever seen. The gardens were will growing in there because this huge city was under a dome completely covered in gold. Yes, the 24K type. In the center of the city under the hole was a huge reflecting pond whose bottom was covered in some sort of silver reflective material. The huge pond reflected the light from the hole all over the dome causing the gold to reflect the light and bath the city in a beautiful warm glow. I remarked on the huge pond and was told it also supplied the city's hot water. Every surface of these white buildings was carved in reliefs depicting the occupants daily life. The streets were wide and could easily accommodate vehicles. The sides were terraced for growing crops some of which remained reseeding themselves. But the light was still too low for most food crops so I asked if they had supplemental lighting.
When this city was built, the light was much stronger. In the daytime there was plenty of light for the plants.”
I asked for an explanation and was told that the earth had had two mass extinctions. The first one was when another planet moved so close it stripped the Ozone layer off the planet. Since humans were quite advanced, they prepared by building huge underground cities connected by a tunnel system. The pyramids were nothing more than open doors to the underground cities. They simply moved themselves and the animals that would come, to safety. They were practically immortal as before the planet came by, there was more than just an Ozone layer but a protective layer that stopped cosmic radiation and all damage to their DNA.
Gradually and with help from their scientists, they rebuilt the Ozone layer but they discovered another type of plant had taken over and with it, the reptiles that were better capable of coping with the extreme heat. They still continued to use the underground cities and tunnels because of the heat and the light. Their eyes did not allow them to see in the bright sunlight so they mostly came out at night. Then came the meteor that brought about a nuclear winter and killed the dinosaurs. The humans were unharmed by that because they saw it coming and took to the underground. There were a few humans that had refused to go underground and by the time the earth leveled out both climatically and geologically, the gap between the humans on the surface and those below had widened in technology. The underground dwellers tried to bring the surface humans up to date but another calamity was in the near future, a comet.
Although they tried to get the humans to go underground, they had an innate fear of being underground as some were profiting off the humans fear of technology and the underground to rule them. This had never been a problem before so the underground dwellers were quite puzzled. They were even more puzzled at the humans denying anything was wrong when anyone could look up and see the comet getting closer by the day. The comet swooped in close to the planet, first raining huge chunks of ice and then as it swooped even lower, massive amounts of rain that resulted in floods. The gravitational pull of the comet caused tidal waves and tsunamis which were reported in most mythologies as great floods. Not all places flooded, just low lying and coastal areas. They explained this to me as we walking through this city and looking at the murals that depicted this history. The “comet” is now known as the Moon.
I asked if this was the only city that had this history written down and they answered. “No, practically all the ancient cities, below and above ground had this history written down.”
What happened was the lower lying cities were flooded quickly along with most of the tunnels cutting the surviving cities off from another. The far inland cities like this one and some high in the mountains escaped the floods. This reduced the population of the below ground dwellers because although they had the technology to protect themselves, they no longer had the manpower as they were aging and dying at a rate never before seen. They had never been overly fertile. Their scientists attributed it to the new Ozone layer not offering the protection it once had. Those that were left after the flood tried as best they could to teach the remaining humans technology and farming but the new short lived humans were more violent and less interested in the long term effects of anything other than just surviving. So, the underground dwellers began to carve the record of the planet into every massive stone piece they could find knowing that the knowledge would eventually be decipherable to humans.
But,” I injected, “this seems to be the only place with this record.”
I was told there had been many, many sites that were all destroyed and shortly, this one would be destroyed as it was visible to satellites and made accessible via new farming initiatives.
I protested that we were more advanced than that and would protect the archaeological sites. Then I interjected that someone must have been able to understand the reliefs and wrote the real history down. My guide simple shook his head.
They started laughing and talking among themselves. Finally my guide suggested they should explain the real reason every site discovered was defaced as demonic and pagan. That, it seemed was against the rules. I had to figure it out for myself. My guide argued that was not possible because my mind simply didn't work that way and so they argued on.
I sort of felt like a Commodore 64 trying to communicate with my present laptop with 1TB of memory. It's no fun when you are the 64 and everyone knows it. I really felt like the slow kid in class when, the Djin gave in and said to tell me.
My guide looked at me pityingly and said, “You know all that was left of mankind after the first cataclysm was in the center of a giant island from which all the continents split off?” I nodded yes. “That central mass is now Africa. All of mankind originated there.” I nodded yes as that is common knowledge. He looked at the Djin and said, “I told you she could not figure it out. She sees no difference.” The Djin nodded and looked down like I was really the slowest kid in the class and just embarrassed myself. My guide looked and me and gently said, “That means the highest evolution of your original species was non-white.”
With that I was slammed back into my body.
I have struggled for a day with writing this and then I saw a story where a whole class in Texas walked out when the professor told them mankind originated in Africa. Apparently they had no trouble seeing the implication I missed.
The pyramids, the underground cities in Africa, the pyramids in South America, the Great Wall of China and all the wonders over the globe that we can't even duplicate today were built by non-white people. White people only originated when darker people moved to the colder climates where heavy amounts of melanin aren't needed to shield you from the sun and as camouflage so you don't look like a human nugget to predators in snow. The more your skin is exposed to the sun, the darker it becomes (called tanning) as the melanin concentrates in your skin to protect you. People who live closer to the arctic eventually lose the melanin in their skin cells because it serves no useful purpose and nature gets rid of things that serve no purpose, like the fur you once had.
Every culture is rife with people who emerged from the earth and taught them how to grow crops and build cities. There are the Ant people through Native American cultures. And every culture has a taboo about living underground for no apparent reason. Anyone living in caves or underground is suspect. Even people who love to explore caves are suspect. Why is bad below and good above? You are more likely to get hit by lightning than fall through the earth. More people are killed by things from above than falling through the earth so wouldn't it make more sense for demons to live above earth and whack us with lightning and hail?

But you have to wonder if concealing our true history and greatness is worth concealing the simple fact that we all started out dark colored. I guess it is to the people who want to rule you, divide you and continue abusing you for their pleasure. The question is whether you intend to continue to permit it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Between Universes with No Place to Hide.

This sort of takes place in this universe, I think.

I woke at about 1 AM EDT feeling like something had just stuck a needle in the arch of my foot. That hurt! After the shock wore off, I realized I really needed to look at the bottom of my foot in case there was actually something sticking in it. So I turned the lights on and put on my good glasses.

Much to my shock I could see the "wound" and it looked like something had attempted to push through the arch from the inside outward. It had not broken the skin but was close to it. That was when I decided to check under the covers to see if there was something there. In reality I probably should have screamed for help but I was half asleep.

Checking the bed, I found nothing and checking my foot, the tiny needle like hole was still below the skin so being old, I decided a trip to the bathroom was a good idea. That meant moving the cats and Napoleon and Ningee were both focussed on the foot of the bed, their eyes quickly darting to and fro as if they were certain some evil was going to manifest and eat them at any moment. I didn't see anything so I got up and the cats beat me to the door.

Okay, whatever was flopping around the bedroom, I was going to have to cope with by myself. Upon returning the bed I noticed a white rectangle about 2 by 3 inches turning corner to corner level with the bed at a normal pace. I quickly got to the bed and midway across when I noticed it had disappeared.

Portals are normally black, really black. They are so black you can see them in the dark. They also either shrink or expand. If they start expanding I am convinced the prudent course of action is to run like a bat out of Hell. This thing was white. For all practical purposes, you would have thought it was a piece of paper. However, disappearing paper is not on the physics agenda for this dimension.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred the rest of the night and the cats settled down.

I have the unsettling feeling  that the boundaries between dimensions are becoming more and more unstable. It seems to have begun when the black things kept jumping at me from the side this summer. (Yes, I had my vision checked and there was nothing wrong.)

Now if I am seeing things, what are other people seeing and far more dangerous, making deals with the demon may be exciting and all of that, but what happens when the demon starts reaching through and grabbing at you? Is this why so many of our leaders are suddenly appearing to be really mentally unstable and ill? Are they sick or trying to find a place to hide? I hate to point out the obvious, but it matters not how many sacrifices you offer up if the creature wants you, then you are the main dish.

My experience is that a portal can be opened anywhere at anytime. Broad daylight is not a deterrent. There is no place to hide once they have your energetic signature. The good shine like beacons into the other dimensions. The evil are like little black holes sucking things in from the other dimensions. Either way, they can find you easily.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How many layers of lies are there?

Have you ever wondered how many layers of lies your reality is based on?
I bet that question gave you a start. I can't give you a number because I have no idea what role you play but I can tell you that answer is staggering.
I am a psychic. I have a led a life most people would not believe if they saw the movie and one thing I can tell you today is, nothing is as it seems and I do not have all the answers.
I remember sitting at a private bar in another psychic's house for a Halloween Party. You have to remember I am 30 some years younger, red hair so long I can sit on it, thin and perfectly Celtic. I am not drinking but it looks like I have a drink. A man sidles up to me and I know I am in for another pick up line. His was a bit unique as he announced he was a CIA agent. Well then, I said skeptically, what are you doing with this crowd. For some reason, no one ever thinks I am the crowd. I guess I look too normal to be psychic. “We keep close tabs on them,” was the answer. I just wasn't sufficiently impressed and if I must say so myself, I do bored very well. By two drinks later, he had managed to get the band to play “Black Magic Woman” for me and was still climbing uphill on the impress her mountain. I had found out who he came with to the party which was a shock in itself. In the last ditch effort to impress me, he leaned in and whispered, “What if I told you every scientific invention we release is at least 10 years old?” I leaned back to him and said, “More like 20 if I remember correctly.” He jumped back so fast he knocked the bar stool over and almost shouted, “Who are you?” My answer was simple, “One of them,” and I gathered up my husband and we left.
The next morning my psychic friend called and said I was not going to believe what happened. Apparently she didn't understand the weirdness of my life. It seems they found the gentleman's car who brought the “CIA” agent in the driveway and searched the house trying to find him with no luck. The mystery was where he and the agent went without a car. Then she started hearing some banging in the kitchen and finally her husband determined it was coming from under the kitchen sink along with some whimpering. They opened the cabinet to find the man who brought the agent under the sink. This was not a big cabinet and they had to pry him out of it. It was several minutes before he could even sit up and he had no recollection of how he got in the cabinet. The last thing he remembered was the “agent” giving him a drink. Oddly, he couldn't remember the guy's name or where he met him and he had no idea why he had brought him to the party. No one ever figured out how the “agent” got away from there unless he had another person waiting for him or another plant at the party. Within three weeks, there would at least as many attempts on my life, one on my friend who threw the party and surprisingly, one on the leader of the band's wife who had played “Black Magic Woman” for him. There were only four people this “agent” came into contact with at the party including the man who brought him and he began keeping a low profile by which I mean, you had to dig him up if you wanted to find him. Three of them now had narrowly escaped death, until one of them arranged to have the so-called assassin beat half to death. It wasn't me.
So why am I telling you this? It is because of a dream or rather my ability to meet people in another dimension. In this dream I met Bernie and the person I really am asked him if he wanted her(me) to take some the stress away. He jumped back and whispered, “Don't touch me,” frantically. Now people do not normally react that way to her(me) so we simply stepped back and told him we would not do anything to or for him he did not want. He was looking at his wife desperately and she sort of nodded a yes to him. He looked at us and said, “Sorry, but no one is what they seem or say they are.” We answered that we were exactly what we said we were, no more nor less. If he wanted help with the stress, it was there for the asking and then we rattled off our credentials. He looked at us and said, “You are real?” We answered yes and asked again as he climbed an all too familiar set of white stairs if he wanted help. He looked back at us, completely beaten and said he didn't think anyone could help to which I replied it was his choice and watched him walk away, hunched over. When I woke, I knew he gotten the razzle/dazzle as I have come to call it from the usual suspects. I know those stairs and know what is in that building and no “normal” muggle is prepared for it.
I was 15, in advanced science courses and looking at a promising career. My father had his own business and was doing very well in the air craft parts resell business. Let me explain that. Air craft parts have what is called a tolerance level. That means they have to be x microns thick on the special coating. The military removes and tosses these parts at y level but the part is commercially viable to x level. So if you have some psychic ability, you can attend auctions where the military sells barrels and huge wooden boxes of aircraft parts and make a nice living but you have to be able to tell which box has junk and which has real parts without opening them. Now that is a pretty good trick for a non-psychic but I once managed to find entire aircraft engine in one, completely assembled and in perfect working order. So, he would take the barrels back to his warehouse, test the parts, clean them up and sell them to airlines at a nice discount for them and a profit for him. You just discovered where some of that Defense Budget disappears. The military throws out perfectly good merchandise and if you know how to buy it, you can make a lot of money.
But sometimes a part cracks. My father had tried several methods of welding the parts but the welded area was always too weak and too visible to sell. That was the number one cause of waste. One day he was approached by two young men who had a brand new method of welding using cutting edge technology called a laser.
So, after school, Dad picked me up and off we went to a very modern building in west Hialeah on what would be considered the fringes of civilization. These young men were trying to find a use for this new technology. This wasn't the first time my father had been roped into one of these schemes but he was a slow learner. I was a very quiet young lady. I sort of blended into the wallpaper or military gray wall in this case and I would sit at the desk and do my homework while I watched everything that was going on in the room. I had learned these young men had this entire building. It was on stilts, with the parking under it and two stories. It required the entire output of a substation when they turned on the vacuum pumps that took the welding chamber down to at least -4 atmospheres. The station across the street had complained about the brown outs hurting their pumps. That is one heck of a vacuum and the pumps took up the entire first floor. The chamber was around an 18 inch perfect cube with lead walls close to one foot thick to keep it from collapsing in on itself. It was a nice military gray. The laser was inside the chamber, controlled from the outside with a joy stick like what you found on the original Nintendo. That toy would not exist for at least 15 years. The part had to be 100% grease free, which took a lot of cleaning. Then wearing white cotton gloves, it was placed in the chamber and “welded” after the chamber was evacuated of all air. That process took several hours so I had a lot of time to observe and look really cute and dumb. Soon, they had to impress me with their prowess so I was invited to watch the process. What I saw was a white light that produced three little balls of light or molted metal that filled in the crack in the part while dancing around in what seemed to be a random pattern. Now the part couldn't be removed because the chamber had to be brought back to normal atmospheric pressure and air mixture very slowly or there was a possibility of an explosion or so we were told. Hence, my father would pick up the part the next morning and lo and behold, no matter what test he ran, there was NO trace of the weld. Aircraft parts have individual part numbers that ID each one in addition to the regular part number and my father even marked the part in a location inaccessible without the right tool and there was no doubt we were getting the same part back.
However, I was in advanced science classes but my specialty was mathematics. Most of the guys were headed for careers in physics and I confided in one of my acquaintances what I had seen. I knew something was off but I didn't know what. The next day he caught me in the stairwell and opened a book for me to read the page. We knew we watched so we had learned stealth as only teens can. That was when I discovered the only lasers in existence were RUBY lasers which emit a red light. At best the so called laser I saw might be blue, but it sure looked white.
I quickly told my father what I had discovered and he happened to offhandedly ask at the next “welding” session what kind of laser this was because it didn't use red light. It was a neon gas laser which I am pretty sure was actually a bunch of hot air. We had to wait until Monday, since this was Friday to get the part back. On Monday we returned to get the part and the building was abandoned. When I say abandoned, I mean everything except the desk I sat at was gone and everything was covered in dust like no one had been in the building for months. It was unlocked and the graffiti was already on the first floor. My father was like a deer caught in headlights. Had we imaged the entire month? However, he had trained me well and way back next to wall under the desk was a wad of bright pink chewing gum I had used to mark the desk. We had been there before.
On Sunday, we had an emergency at the Ft. Lauderdale airport so we had to take the Palmetto Expressway to connect to I-95. The building was visible from the Palmetto as it sat on its very own cleared block next to the road that ran parallel to the expressway. I was looking for the building for no reason when I realized it was GONE. There was no way to turn around as the clover leaf from several dimensions of Hades was in front of us but as soon as we could get away, we headed back to that building.
Here comes the razzle/dazzle. There was nothing there. I mean it was a vacant lot complete with weeds sticking up through the sand like they had been there for years. There wasn't a brick, stick of wood or tire track. So we pulled into the gas station in the little strip mall that faced the lot. We were assured that lot had been vacant for the six months the man had run the station and oddly, all the other tenants had just moved in that week. We couldn't start knocking on the doors of residences whose backyards faced the little strip mall without raising too much attention so we walked over examined the lot. Keep in mind the parking area under the building was concrete and the building was held up by concrete covered steel girders. There was NOTHING left. They even planted the proper weeds, sawgrass and sticker burrs. Those things are very hard to transplant. I can't even imagine how this was done unless the entire building didn't actually exist in this dimension. The phone number never existed. My father charmed a gal at the phone company as only an Irishman can, into finding out. Remember, everything was landlines back then. There were no burner phones. Even a quiet probe into the FBI data base by a sympathetic agent brought back no information. These two men did not exist.
So dear ones, how many layers of lies is your reality based upon? Do you even have a clue? Imagine a poor old man taken to one their “facilities”, placed in a nice comfy chair and on a nice 3D screen shown the future if he doesn't tow the line properly. Everything is so beyond current state of the art, it has to be real! In reality, it is smoke and mirrors. Oh, the probability might be there but what they aren't saying is exactly where on the line of probabilities this possible future falls. It is pretty easy with all this “tech” to even convince you they are gods or at least in contact with ONE god. They can even “beam” directly into your ears alone the message from god. Look it up, the tech exists. They can scare the Hell out of you if you let them. Or, you can accept it is all a game and at some point you will play your part whether you know it or not and spend the rest of your existence thinking there has to be something more because you have a vague memory there was as you get pulled out from under the kitchen sink by two very confused people still in their night clothes. You might even start drinking for real or when the nice man puts his arm around your shoulders and flashes that million dollar smile at you and assures you this is all for the good of humanity, and you, you very special person, you are on board, right? You could flash an equally bright smile and say very quietly, “I plan to destroy you,” and walk away.

It will be at that point your life and most everyone around you's lives, will turn to shit but this is just one level of the game and that three level chess game on Star Trek may have been more real than the world you live in. Check, Check and Mate. You know who you were.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Orange 4th Dimensional Being

 Some days you go to the Universes. Some days they come to you.
I awoke to find myself staring at a demon or 4th dimension being. Its head was poised on a long muscular neck. I could not see the rest of it but it appeared to be a cross between a cat and a dog with tiny shell shaped ears. It had no skin. All the muscles and ligaments were visible and oozing slime. My, but it did have huge teeth and a lot more than a dog or cat. It was a deep orange. The Kartika under my pillow was comforting and the thought of it caused the thing to withdraw and disappear.
Once my stupor was dispersed, I turned on my back and was shocked to see a swirling portal about ten inches in diameter on the ceiling. I often see them but what startled me about this one was that it was orange, the same orange as the demon.
I wondered who would send a demon of that kind to me. It takes a bit of skill and a lot of stupidity. If you were going to win a bargain with a demon, you would have already won the Lotto several times and be relaxing on a beach somewhere with little concern for me.
I had no trouble thinking of a plethora of dumb people who would pay someone to conjure one not knowing that the conjurer was going to shift the smut onto them.
You never win with a demon. The best you can hope for is stalemate or a truce. You see, demons like their payments immediate. They do not like to be in debt to anyone. Their price is always very high. They are not human. They do not think like humans. They do not feel like humans. They really hate to be bound and once free, they go after the person responsible for the binding, not necessarily the one who bound them. It is on the return they are most likely to get free.

My particular specialty is unbinding.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Arabic Lions

1?......said Ningee.

I had a dream and I have no idea what the symbolism means but I have a feeling it is important to someone out there so here goes.

I am looking into a cave and it is filled with lions laying down beside a small stream. There are even more lions in the background until the whole cave is filled with them.

An Arab man drops a small dog into the midst of the lions and my first thought is they will tear the little dog to pieces but the lions barely raise their heads and the little dog scampers over them and runs out the mouth of the cave which is fitted with a huge arched wooden door. That is when I realize they are too weak from hunger to chase the little dog.

I am then outside with two men who I think have food for the lions if they can get to them in time. There is an old man and a middle aged typical American spy type. The old man is leading us through the desert to this mountain. When we get to the side of the mountain, he puts his hand on a stone door in the side and says that this mountain is the pride of his country: the iguana mountain.

I am thinking that there are no iguanas here but I smile tell him it is beautiful. The younger American knocks on the door and an Arab opens it with a rifle saying he is going to kill all of us. The old man quickly disarms him and breaks his neck. Another Arabic man with a rifle is right behind the first and tells us to get into the cave.

The room we enter is an old office set up with an older Arabic man behind an old wooden desk with a corded phone. I can tell the old man (our guide) is trying to get close enough to disarm the one younger man who is the one who turned the little dog loose in the lion's cave. He is threatening to throw us in with the lions. I am trying to get the American spy type to tell him about the train car full of meat we have for the lions but instead this idiot says he has a subscription to a magazine about it.

That is when I realize there is no meat. Then there is a knock at the door and the American spy says not to bother getting up, he'll get it. He goes to the door and opens it and he is looking at himself on the outside. He dejectedly shuts the door and says it was nothing but the wind.

I think I am about to be thrown to the lions when I realize the lions are now too weak from starvation to even eat me. They would have to be hand fed.

The older Arab asks the younger one why he brought the pride of their country here just so they would starve to death.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

They Know

They Know

I awoke suddenly at about 5:15 AM and struck out at something screaming. There was a golden orb about a foot in diameter, six feet off the ground hovering next to my bed with an arm reaching out of it. I was slapping at the arm. The arm retracted and I swear it was floating there looking at me for about 20 seconds. Napoleon ran over an inserted himself between it and I. It just disappeared.
Napoleon laid next to me blocking it. The animals know at a cellular memory level what is going on. That is why they are acting so strangely around the globe. You need one to alert you and just maybe protect you.
I thought about going back to sleep but I just knew the thing was still around so I got some orange juice. There is nothing like a sudden change in your Ph level to throw something seeking your bio-signature off. After about 15 minutes I went back to sleep.
I awoke at 7:15 AM and the golden orb was back but this time it was floating fast down the hall. I think I shall stay up until full light and then nap. They don't like full light but I have seen the golden ones at noon so it may still be about.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Suspended Between Dimensions


I have never had this happen and it was, well, WOW.

I was in one of the multiple dimensions in time where the events of my life are just a little different from here but the locations are the same. In that dimension, I graduate from my first college instead of returning home and going back to college in my late 30's. I have never been there at any physical time except late afternoon (dusk) and night.

When I awoke, it was 7:30 AM EST time here...I didn't know that.

I didn't have my eyes open. I was seeing an effect like a cracked egg and the light through the cracks was blinding and very yellow. I felt like I was being hit with prickles of electricity over my entire body but in a totally orderly pattern. I held on as long as I could in this in between state. I could feel nothing, not the bed, my clothing, my pillow nor Napoleon (my cat) next to me, just this pattern of electrical prickles like a grid. 

Good Goddess, Tesla was right. The border between dimensions is one big electrical field existing between every living thing and thing and the dimension they/it are anchored in. To tap that would give free electricity to every person on the planet.

And on top of that, my brain is not settled and I can barely spell. I am totally dyslexic in my worst state. 

Now I know why I have never been in that dimension at noon. It would be blinding.